Cobs Corner

The benefits of a printer maintenance contract are numerous. I have been servicing thermal transfer printers for over three decades. This has allowed me to see just about every type of thermal printer in every condition or should I say state of disrepair. It boggles my mind how many print heads I replace because a customer has failed to clean them properly. I usually recommend the customer clean their print head every time they replace their ribbon. Primary Marking has kits made specifically for Zebra, Datamax and Sato printers. Call 888-261-9178 for pricing and questions. When you purchase a kit I will include pictures and instructions.

I typically do two types of printer maintenance. One is service contracts. If a printer under contract needs a part or has a malfunction I will repair the printer at no additional cost to the customer (Printheads are additional). In addition I provide regular printer maintenance and visit the printer site several times a year. During these site visits I will replace worn parts and give the printer a good internal cleaning and check. I repair any future problems before they occur. These customers experience significantly less down time than my non-contract business. If they do experience a problem the contract calls for a Next Business Day response time. Sometimes I even get the printer repaired the same day. A service contract will give you a fixed cost for the year.

The other type of printer service I do is time and materials. This typically costs the customer more th a n a service contract over the life of the printer. The repair is completed but with costs for materials and time. Repairs need to be done more frequently because of the lack of regular printer maintenance. Down time is increased by more repairs and longer response time. I only recommend time and materials if your printer is not mission critical.

If you are interested in a service contract call me. We can discuss your options and prices. I have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised. We service thermal printers all over the United States. We also have partners that service other IT equipment.

Proud to be of Service,

COB (aka James Steitz)
Service Manager
888-261-9178 x203