St. Louis, Missouri (November 16, 2015)– The St. Louis-based inventors of eTWIST®, a high-tech tool that helps law enforcement officials track crime scene evidence, have been awarded a new patent for their technology. This patent, issued by Canada’s patent office, represents the fourth patent to be awarded to PrimaryMarkingSystemsInc.,a St. Louis-based provider of product-tracking equipment for companies and law enforcement groups around the globe. 


With eTWIST® technology, police responding to a crime scene are equipped with mobile handheld devices that allow them to record and enter evidence data at the scene. After logging in to the system using a secure code and PIN number, investigators take pictures of evidence, suspects, witnesses, victims and more, and the photos they take are automatically branded with a geo-stamp, providing proof of the evidence location. 


As those pictures are compiled, eTWIST builds the crime scene, mapping out the location of each item via satellite technology. Latitude, longitude, altitude, date, time, barometric pressure, temperature, wind speed and direction, cloud cover and all other related data is stamped in. The evidence is barcoded, then packaged for transportation to the police station. eTWIST® documents every transaction, every move of the evidence, whether at the crime scene or back at the station, ultimately blocking any opportunity for tampering. 


The technology provides a solution to a litany of issues surrounding evidence tracking across the United States. Most police departments rely on a longstanding method of collecting evidence – gathering it by hand at the scene of the crime, then transporting it back to the station for cataloging.

The latest patent protects the portion of the technology that allows an investigator at a crime scene to designate an “establishing” photo.  Such photos help the investigator form a baseline for all subsequent pictures, and essentially provide a documented reference point that indicates where an on-scene investigation began. 


Police departments throughout theU.S. & Internationally havebeen utilizing the eTWIST® trackingsystem with outstandingresults. eTWIST® is also part oftheteaching curriculumat the National Center forBio-MedicalResearch & Trainingat the LSU Counter-Terrorism School.  Scientists are currentlyevaluating the potential interfaceofeTWIST®with robots to investigate hazardous chemical or nuclearemergencies  

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