ST. LOUISDec. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The inventors of eTWIST®a barcode/RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)-based software which allows law enforcement officers to record & enter evidence data from a crime scene in the field, U.S. Patent US 8,220,711, effective July 17, 2012, have been awarded 2 new U.S. Patents.   These patents are held by Primary Marking Systems Inc., a leading provider of product-tracking equipment for clients, headquartered in St. Louis, MissouriWatch eTWIST in action!

"eTWIST® enables officers to automate evidence collection, increase operational efficiency, help increase conviction rates.  Using eTWIST®'s Win Mobile, Android, HTML5 technology platforms, enables officers to automate evidence collection, including all information respective to a case; names of the suspects & victims; evidence, NCIC/UCR & remarks; testimonies; photographs; producing & scanning the associated bar codes all while at the crime scene," says Tim McIntyre, eTWIST® inventor. Using a handheld mobile device, officers electronically track & accurately record the seizure, custody, control, transfer, analysis, & disposition of criminal evidence.  Everything is stored on the handheld & the data can be imported into a computer or database for network visibility in a matter of seconds, instantly loading into centralized computer systems, eliminating "double processing" of the information.  

Ensuring that properly documented evidence collection is & remains the cornerstone of public safety. 

eTWIST® technology allows an officer to identify evidence with high resolution photography & video, supported by a GPS.  The use of a GPS location stamp helps evidence hold up in court, because it undisputedly verifies the location where & when the images were taken. "For example, a weapon can be photographed, the time, date, GPS position & the investigator's I.D. number are recorded electronically," adds McIntyre. "That information is associated with a bar code, which is attached to an evidence container, thereby reducing the possibility of human error & increasing the chances of prosecution."  The labels & text are extremely durable, & weather proof.  They can also be pre-printed with a precinct or crime unit name, so that the evidence source can be seen at a glance.

PD's throughout the U.S. & Internationally have been utilizing this high-tech tracking system with outstanding results.  eTWIST® is also part of the teaching curriculum of the DHS's sponsored National Center for Bio-Medical Research & Training at LSU Counter-Terrorism School.  Scientists are currently evaluating the potential interface of eTWIST® with robots to investigate hazardous chemical or nuclear emergencies.  eTWIST® is equipped to collect CBRNE data (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, & explosive information).

State & Local agencies are able to apply for federal funding through the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant program or others to assist with purchasing technology.  Using eTWIST®, the return on investment is estimated at 8 weeks.  

eTWIST® = Saved tax $$$ & Better Protected Citizens = Increased Public TRUST 

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