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Serializing your Drug ePedigree Requirements

  • ePedigree Connector™ is an easy to use tool designed for tracking of RFID/2D barcode labeled units, cases and pallets as well  as automatic label printing and application, including RFID/2D barcode labels.
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) or Software Ownership models.
  • Touch screen capabilities and intuitive menus allow for easy reprinting of missing, bad, non-readable tags or labels with minimal employee training
  • ePedigree Connector can be modified to interface with existing production systems for data retrieval and reporting.
  • Handheld mobile computers can be employed to identify damaged RFID/2D tags, to allow reprint of RFID/2D tags.
  • Production run and shipment transaction reporting using ePedigree Connector indicating production and shipment status.


To request information on a new system to meet drug pedigree requirements please call 888-261-9178.